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Affordable Chimney Sweep in Erie PA, and ​Surrounding Areas!

At the heart of our operation in Erie PA, ​is the skilled and certified team at Erie ​Chimney Pros. Our professionals are not ​just adept at cleaning chimneys but are ​also well-versed in identifying potential ​issues during the process. From chimney ​sweep and inspection to fireplace ​cleaning and maintenance, our team will ​get the job done without breaking the ​bank!



Chimney Cleaning:

The cornerstone of our services is thorough ​chimney cleaning. Our expert team employs ​state-of-the-art tools and techniques to remove ​accumulated soot and creosote from the flue. By ​scheduling regular chimney sweeps, you not only ​ensure the efficiency of your fireplace but also ​lower the risk of chimney fires caused by the ​highly flammable creosote deposits.


Fireplace Maintenance:

Beyond the chimney itself, our services extend to comprehensive fireplace ​maintenance. The firebox is inspected and cleaned, ensuring it is free from debris ​and any obstructions. This promotes the overall safety and functionality of your ​fireplace, providing you with peace of mind as you bask in the warmth of a roaring ​fire.

Flue Inspection:

The flue is a major component of your chimney system, and regular inspection is ​needed to identify any cracks, blockages, or deterioration. Erie Chimney Pros ​conducts thorough flue inspections to address potential issues promptly, preventing ​further damage and maintaining optimal ventilation.

Soot Removal:

Accumulation of soot is a common issue in chimneys, ​restricting proper airflow and increasing the risk of ​chimney fires. Our team specializes in efficient soot ​removal, ensuring that your chimney stays clean and ​safe for regular use.

Creosote Buildup:

Creosote, a byproduct of burning wood, can build up in ​your chimney and pose a significant fire hazard. Our ​specialists tackle creosote buildup with precision, ​reducing the risk of chimney fires and promoting a ​safer environment for your family.

Chimney Inspection:

Regular chimney inspections are a proactive measure to identify potential issues ​before they escalate. Erie Chimney Pros offers comprehensive chimney inspections, ​providing detailed reports on the condition of your chimney and recommending ​necessary repairs or maintenance.

Chimney Repair:

If our inspection reveals any problems with your chimney, our skilled technicians ​are ready to address them promptly. We offer a range of chimney repair services, ​from fixing cracks in the masonry to repairing or replacing damaged chimney caps.

Smoke Chamber Cleaning:

The smoke chamber is a critical part of the chimney where smoke accumulates ​before being directed up the flue. Regular cleaning of the smoke chamber ensures ​optimal performance and minimizes the risk of smoke-related hazards within your ​home.

Firebox Maintenance:

The firebox is the area where the actual ​combustion takes place, and it requires regular ​maintenance to ensure safe and efficient ​operation. Our team provides firebox cleaning ​and maintenance services, ensuring that your ​fireplace remains a reliable source of warmth ​and comfort.

Chimney Liner Installation:

A properly installed chimney liner is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of ​your chimney. Erie Chimney Pros offers expert chimney liner installation services, ​ensuring that your chimney is properly lined for the best ventilation and ​protection against corrosive byproducts.

Chimney Cap Replacement:

A damaged or missing chimney cap can lead to various problems, including water ​infiltration, debris buildup, and even unwanted critters making their way into your ​chimney. We provide chimney cap replacement services, ensuring that your ​chimney is safe from the elements and potential intruders.

Draft Improvement:

A good draft is essential for efficient and safe fireplace operation. Our team ​specializes in draft improvement, addressing issues that may restrict the proper ​flow of air and smoke through your chimney.

Masonry Chimney Services:

The structural integrity of your chimney is important for its safe and reliable ​operation. Our specialists offer masonry chimney services, including repairs and ​rebuilds, to ensure that your chimney remains strong and secure.

Chimney Safety:

Safety is our priority at Erie Chimney Pros. Our comprehensive range of services ​is designed not only to enhance the performance of your chimney but also to ​ensure the safety of your home and family. Regular maintenance and inspections ​are key components of our commitment to chimney safety.

Carbon Monoxide Detection:

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that ​can pose a dangerous threat if not detected early. We ​incorporate carbon monoxide detection as part of ​our services, providing another layer of protection ​for your home.

Chimney Maintenance:

Routine maintenance is the key to a well-functioning ​and safe chimney. We offer tailored maintenance ​plans to suit your specific needs, ensuring that your ​chimney remains in top condition year-round.

Hearth Cleaning:

The hearth is not just a decorative element; it plays a significant role in the overall ​safety and aesthetics of your fireplace. Our hearth cleaning services ensure that this ​focal point of your home remains clean, inviting, and free from debris.

Chimney Brush:

The right tools make a huge difference in chimney cleaning. At Erie Chimney Pros, ​we utilize high-quality chimney brushes to effectively get rid of soot and debris, ​leaving your chimney in pristine condition.

Chimney Flashing Repair:

Chimney flashing is essential for preventing water penetrating home. If you see ​any issues with your chimney flashing, our skilled technicians can provide prompt ​repairs, ensuring that your chimney remains watertight and secure.

Erie Chimney Pros is your trusted partner in maintaining a safe and efficient ​chimney system. Our skilled technicians, cutting-edge tools, and comprehensive ​range of services are dedicated to giving you the comfort, safety, and longevity of ​your fireplace. Schedule a consultation with us today and experience the peace of ​mind that comes with a well-maintained, safe and reliable chimney.


1. Question: What certifications and credentials do your chimney sweeps hold?

Answer: This question helps ensure that the chimney sweeps from Erie Chimney ​Pros are adequately trained and certified to perform chimney cleaning and ​maintenance tasks safely and effectively.

2. Question: Can you provide references or testimonials from previous clients?

Answer: Requesting references or testimonials allows you to gauge the satisfaction ​level of past customers with Erie Chimney Pros’ services and their overall ​reliability and professionalism.

3. Question: What is your process for chimney inspections and cleaning?

Answer: Understanding Erie Chimney Pros’ process for chimney inspections and ​cleaning gives you insight into their thoroughness, attention to detail, and ​the methods they use to ensure your chimney is properly maintained and ​safe to use.

4. Question: Do you carry liability insurance?

Answer: Asking about liability insurance coverage protects you in case of any ​accidents or damages that may occur during the chimney cleaning process. ​It ensures that Erie Chimney Pros can cover any potential liabilities that ​may arise.

5. Question: What additional services do you offer, if any?

Answer: Knowing about any additional services offered by Erie Chimney Pros, such ​as chimney repairs, chimney cap installation, or waterproofing, allows you ​to assess their capability to address any chimney-related issues you may ​encounter beyond regular cleaning and inspections.